Eco Oceans was established to combat the plastic waste problem in our environment.
We believe we have the ability to help industries make the change to Eco friendly products as well as engineering equipment to help remove plastic waste from our oceans and equipment for land based poverty stricken areas, in order to create an income from recycled materials.

Not only are we here to make a change but to help people understand that we all need to make an effort for the sake of our own lives and future life on earth.

While we focus on changing over to eco friendly products, it is vital that we also look after our oxygen sources and resources at the same time.
Planting trees will also be a big focus for us as this is equally as important.
We will be setting up dedicated teams to focus on rehabilitating areas effected by deforestation as well as helping communities support themselves with freshly grown produce.

Quote: “We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children” – Native American Chief Seattle”